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A Marble Hill man fighting to clear his name of animal abuse charges

Oct 26, 2012 -- 4:19pm


A Marble Hill man appeared in court Thursday to continue fighting animal abuse charges.  29-year old Levi Snider appeared in a Madison County courtroom Thursday after nearly a year since he was charged with recklessly killing his neighbor’s dog.  Snider contends he shot the dog out of self defense.  According to police they found a dog that had been burned in Bollinger County near county road 318 last October.  Deputies happened upon Snider who confessed to killing the dog claiming it started to charge him and he shot it through the shoulder.  The dog was found roughly 60 yards from Travis Reed’s home.  Reed pled guilty in April to littering for improperly disposing of the animals carcass.  Snider will appear in court next month.  He faces up to a maximum of up to one year in county jail. 

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