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How does the Missouri Teacher’s Union rank nationally? We will tell you

Nov 12, 2012 -- 5:04pm


A recent study of teacher unions across America has Missouri scoring rather weakly in most areas. Research Manager at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, Dara Zeehandelaar tells KZIM KSIM unionism in general or “organized labor” is pretty popular in our state…three-fourths of our public school teachers are members ranking us 26th out of 51 - the study included Washington DC. This seems high due to collective bargaining in education NOT required in Missouri where in states where it is permitted but NOT required only 60-percent are members but in Missouri 76% are members! Zeehandelaar says Missouri’s teacher unions tied for 47th for their involvement in politics, 23rd for the scope of bargaining, 40th for state policies, 24th for perceived influence and 38th overall. According to the study the final ranking description is “weak”. See details of the study at ed-excellence-dot-net.

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