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You can still purchase RAMS — JETS tickets in Cape but you will have to find a ride to the game

Nov 13, 2012 -- 4:33pm


The Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation Department offers trips to sporting and other events throughout the year. Coordinator Tony Weatherby tells KZIM KSIM they originally chartered a bus to take football fans to St. Louis for the Rams – Jets game on Sunday at noon but did not have enough interest so you can still get the tickets but you will have to drive yourself to the game… They always try to find games they think the public will receive well - and with Tebow as a JET they believed it would sell well. It didn't so you can still get tickets on line or at the Arena building for face value. Once they post them on line they tend to go last minute so get them now if you want to go.Tickets are 49-dollars. Call 339-6340 for availability. 

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