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Another push for Autism awareness license plates is underway

Nov 13, 2012 -- 5:51pm


Giving Autistic parents Support… The GAPS program at the SEMO Alliance for Disability Independence provides families of children who have been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. Program Coordinator Stephanie Williams says with one in eighty-eight babies now being born with some form of autism – awareness is key. She tells KZIM KSIM they are resurrecting a push for a Missouri license plate to do just that…The plate was designed in 2006 by the non profit group Ethan and friends. They raised the 5-thousand dollars but fell short by 50 of the 200 applications needed to start the plate production.Williams says they had numbers fall off considerably due to the time elapsed from the start of the endeavor and are literally starting from scratch. To apply for a plate call Williams at 651-6464 extension 235. SADI is using its resources to push this agenda. You may also lo on to the D-O-R website and search for form 17-16.

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