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After nearly 30 years at the County Prosecutor’s post — Morley Swingle reminisces a bit with KZIM KSIM

Nov 14, 2012 -- 5:34pm


Cape County Prosecuting Attorney Morley Swingle has been in the news lately for his upcoming change to the federal court prosecutor status.  After four years as an assistant to Larry Ferrell and then twenty-five as elected prosecutor he is reflecting on the highlights and preparing to have a boss after so many years of BEING the boss! He tells KZIM KSIM he is blessed… he absolutely loved his job…He says not everyone can say they love going to work everyday. He loved the excitement of trying cases and feels he could do it in his sleep at this point. Now he says he doesn't even know where to stand in the federal courtroom so he welcomes the new challenges that he says will keep his mind young. Swingle says he will still be doing the things he loves and knows everyday something interesting will come across his desk. He says he WONT miss making executive decisions and will still write his books and short stories. Swingle is confident pending cases like the Waller trial and Supreme Court case with McNeely and the blood testing during a DWI arrest will be in good hands as his county staff is well educated and experienced. He is so pleased to keep doing something worthwhile with his life, only now at the federal courthouse in Cape. His last day in the Jackson seat is Saturday. 

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