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Peter Kinder urges the Legislature to say NO to health exchanges

Nov 15, 2012 -- 5:47pm


Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder is urging the Missouri Legislature to say NO when it comes to health insurance exchanges.  The Obama Administration says states must decide by Friday whether they will create exchanges or have them created by the federal government instead.  Missourians voted earlier this month for Prop-E, prohibiting the establishment of these exchanges without a vote of the people or the legislature.  Governor Nixon said last week he will follow that vote and not authorize the creation of the exchanges.  Kinder tells KZIM KSIM state lawmakers have no choice but to stand by the will of the people.  Kinder says these exchanges will cost states between 10 and 100-million-dollars per year.  He says it sets up a system where state officials take the blame when Obamacare increases insurance premiums and denies care to the sick.  The Legislature will most likely schedule hearings on the issue this spring.  The exchanges are slated to go live at the beginning of 2014, with enrollment periods beginning next October.

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