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Is the middle aged woman in your life making you crazy? It may not be her fault

Nov 19, 2012 -- 4:54pm


Peri-menopause is a reality. 60-million American women between the ages of 39 and 53 are peri-menopausal. Dr. Deborah Wagner says this reality results in a reduction of hormones which in turn creates a plethora of health and mental issues. She tells KZIM KSIM this normal passage can last from two to ten years and affects more than just relationships… it can be dangerous for your wives or mothers! There are health risks physiologically. Bone density decreases and there is a serious risk of heart disease. Emotional risks are also high. To include clinical depression, severe anxiety, panic attacks or even obsessive compulsive disorder. Wagner says once the condition is understood by family members the transition gets easier and once it is diagnosed it can be treated with supplements and a change in diet. If you are experiencing major mood swings, a lack of restful sleep, diminished interest in sex, and sadness you should consult your doctor about available options. Dr. Wagner has a book titled The Fifth Decade that explains the stages to all involved and has lists of coping mechanisms.

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