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Tamms employees continue to work on the job three months after a proposed closure

Nov 20, 2012 -- 3:40pm


Over 300 employees are continuing to work at the Tamms Correctional Center in Southern Illinois, three months after the Governor proposed closing it.  Alexander County Judge Charles Cavaness has ruled Pat Quinn can’t close Tamms until the union can meet with the Governor through an arbitrator to discuss how it can be phased out safely.  The arbiter ruled the state acted reasonably when it began taking steps to close Tamms.  But he also agrees with the union that it would be better to keep the prison open.  Union President Eddie Caumiant tells KZIM KSIM they are hopeful the Illinois House and Senate will pass a bill next week during its veto session to restore the funding for Tamms.  Quinn asked a judge in Cook County to lift an order that’s allowed the prison to stay open since August 31st.  The union countered by asking Cavaness to keep that injunction in place.  A hearing on that request is slated for December 5th.  Quinn proposed closing Tamms last summer and transferring the 220 inmates to other prisons.  The case could go to the Illinois Supreme Court.  The veto session begins on the 27th.

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