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The Farm Bureau’s Thanksgiving Food Survey shows higher prices this year

Nov 21, 2012 -- 1:57pm


The Missouri Farm Bureau has released their food survey focused on the cost of a Thanksgiving meal.  To make the food cost comparisons fair from year to year mostly pre-made items are calculated.  In Missouri consumers saw a slight uptick in pricing this year with the cost of dinner being $47.41 or about $4.74 per person.  Missouri Farm Bureau Spokeswoman Diane Olson tells KZIM-KSIM along with a 16 pound turkey they priced side items. The entire meal increased just under 5 dollars from 2010’s prices.  The prices were still nearly two dollars lower than the national average.  Olson adds the leftovers and amount of food is still considered a bargain when you break it down per person.  

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