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Your favorite pizza place may have to raise prices or lay off employees under a mandate in Obamacare

Nov 29, 2012 -- 5:18pm


What do Papa John’s, Pizza Hit, Little Caesar’s, Ci Ci’s, and Dominos have in common? Yes they all make pizza BUT they are all facing a major hurdle at the franchise level!! Spokeswoman for the American Pizza Community, Jenny Fouracre says Obamacare is forcing a lose – lose scenario on these small business owners. She tells KZIM KSIM it’s not about providing health care coverage, it’s section 4205 of the bill forcing a menu labeling law…It demands that every pizza, grocery, or convenience store with over 20 locations disclose health information of all of their food items on large, hard to understand poster boards. Even though 90% of pizzas are ordered for carry out or delivery and boards would never be seen. Fouracre says the FDA does not understand that a one size fits all cannot apply here just because they see a restaurant as a restaurant no matter how it does business. They are taking real life examples and not talking to actual business people. The APC has proposed a bipartisan “Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act of 2012” to ask that they limit this requirement to web sites or other on line menus. Fouracre says most of us eat a few slices of pizza not the entire pie so caloric listings for a whole pizza would be ineffective. Also there are over 34-million possible variations when ordering a pizza! This could cost individual store owners over 5-thousand dollars to implement. APC asks that you contact your Congressmen and ask that this be addressed. A final ruling may come any day now. 

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