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GOD and science together in one book! A local author takes a stand!

Nov 30, 2012 -- 5:39pm


Evolution or creationism? Scientists and Christians have been arguing this forever. Now, a Christian Scientist has penned a book entitled: Beyond the Science Lab – A Celebration of GOD and Science. Jason Lindsey says he started writing this book in 2007 while conducting experiments for groups all around the region. He found there were messages to connect the ‘adversarial’ topics! He tells KZIM KSIM the book takes an experiment like “Soaring toilet paper” and allows an explanation and a comparison leaning to both sides of the argument! He talks about the toilet paper representing us and the leaf blower as GOD which gives strength to the toilet paper as it forces it to fly off the roll! He then gives a bible scripture and a truth like "GOD gives us strength" and then connects it all back to science and the bible. He gives twenty explanations like that in the book including possible questions a child may ask and a way to answer them. Lindsey’s publication will be available in all book stores the week of December 10th. He offers book signings for private schools and will give 20-percent of his net profit to that school. Go to hooked-on-science-dot-org for his contact information.

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