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A three-judge panel places an injunction against the Obamacare contraception mandate

Nov 30, 2012 -- 2:20pm


An appeals court delivered somebad news to the Obama administration this week.  The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals Thursday imposed a temporary injunction against the Department of Health and Human Services from enforcing its contraception mandate on a privately-owned business.  Saint Louis business owner, Frank O’Brien employs 87 people at O’Brien Industrial Holdings.   He contended the mandate unconstitutionally infringes on his religious beliefs as a Catholic.  The panel blocked the enforcement until the court can issue a substantive ruling on the matter in the future.   Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder tells KZIM KSIM this is a victory for those who value religious freedom.  Kinder says the court is sending a clear message to the Obama Administration that this infringement on religious freedoms will not be tolerated.  Cases involving religious schools, health-care organizations, or charities have yet to come to court. 

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