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A Bootheel judge orders a revote in two District 150th precincts

Dec 04, 2012 -- 12:31pm


A judge this week decided the State House 150th District seat in the Bootheel will be decided after a revote in two precincts.  Judge Hence Winchester ruled after a trial Monday there will be a revote in the Campbell Rural and Campbell Ward-2 precincts to be held December 18th.  Republican Kent Hampton won the seat November 6th by 140 total votes over challenger Tom Todd.  But ballots were given from the nearby 152nd race to voters in the newly redrawn 150th, clouding the outcome.  Hampton’s attorney Russell Oliver tells KZIM KSIM they asked the judge for no new election but respect his ruling.  In order for the election result to change, Tom Todd will have to get 141 more votes than Hampton in the two precincts.  Neither party is expected to appeal.

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