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Unwanted children will benefit from you having someone else prepare your main course at Christmas

Dec 05, 2012 -- 5:27pm


Does a smoked turkey, pork loin or pork butt sound good for the main dish at your Christmas feast? Coordinator of a fundraiser to assist in the Heart For Africa Mission, Teresa Birk hopes it does! They have Schlosser farms doing the work and they will have the meats available for 30-dollars for delivery on the 21st! She says she and her son Austin are trying to raise money for their trip to Swaziland, in July of 2013, when they will visit thirty churches and the El Roi baby “SAFE” home where nineteen little ones reside. She tells KZIM KSIM these incredible stories of abandonment moved her soul! Some are dropped in pit latrines and others just left on the side of the road. The parents have no resources so they leave the babies to die! It's UNREAL! 80-percent of the impoverished country is Christian. Birk says they may have little to sustain them but they have great faith. To get your smoked meat call Birk at 579-5722 by the 10th.

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