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A local dog shelter is struggling from the ripple effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Dec 07, 2012 -- 5:21pm


Marilyn Neville currently has fifty-three dogs at the Bollinger County Stray Project. She is the founder and Director of the facility that she and her husband Michael run near Zalma. Neville maintains these homeless animals with love and obedience training but has recently taken a massive hit from the ripple effects of Hurricane Sandy and has seen significant hardship since the economy has slowed adoption rates. She says last year by this time she had found good homes for over a hundred dogs, and this year? Only thirty-two. She tells KZIM KSIM she is willing to beg for help getting more donations, approved dog houses, and FOOD!!!! Donations are at a critical low and her two suppliers have sent their food to the east coast so there will be no help through December and possibly til the end of January. Neville has less than 2-hundred pounds of food left and this will only last for a week and a half. She has MANY breeds of dogs in all sizes ready for adoption. She has had to euthanize those with behavioral disorders and illness. If you can help contact Neville at the Bollinger County Stray Project pet-finder page or call 573-722-3035. Buchheit’s is now pledging to make a percentage donation for purchases at their store to assist Neville in housing the dogs. 

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