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Three Rivers meets with State Senators to discuss educational issues

Dec 12, 2012 -- 11:12am


Three Rivers has been a key stopping point for Missouri lawmakers in the last month.  They hosted a portion of the freshman tour, held a legislative brunch on the 6th and Tuesday spoke with State Senators on education issues.  The group held a roundtable discussion the challenges facing legislators in the upcoming session.  A major topic was equity in funding.  Currently community colleges comprise about 44 percent of higher education enrollment for Missouri but only receive 14 percent of state funding.  TRCC Spokesman Jonathon Atwood tells KZIM-KSIM these issues have to be addressed. The college also announced the winner of its fourth annual Legislative Advocacy Award.  State Representative Steve Cookson was honored.  He is an alumnus of TRCC and represents the 153rd district.  The award was presented during the roundtable meeting on the 6th.

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