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Cape County receives FEMA funding for food and shelters

Dec 12, 2012 -- 12:32pm


Cape Girardeau County has once again received funding to help supplement emergency food and shelter programs in the area.  The money comes from FEMA under the Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program.  A local board has been charged with determining the need and allocation of the 26-thousand dollars the county was awarded.  Representatives from area agencies will meet to create a plan to submit on the 21st.  United Way Executive Director Nancy Jernigan tells KZIM-KSIM each of them are directly affected by the money.These agencies were responsible for providing shelter more than 18-hundred individuals last year.  They also helped with rent for 19 people and provided 3-thousand nights of lodging.  Any private or public entities interested in learning more can contact the United Way at 334-9634.

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