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A unique church service will fill your heart, soul, stomach, and curiosity in Cape on Sunday

Dec 13, 2012 -- 5:17pm


Hanover Lutheran Church is cleverly tucked away on north Perryville Road near the Golf Course and the Pilot House. Pastor Tony Kobak is excited for their upcoming church service and programs coming up this Sunday! He tells KZIM KSIM they are hosting their first ever German Christmas service! To be held in the historic Hanover Lutheran Church that began in 1846! The sermon will be given by Pastor Beck who is being flown in for the event. Being done in a combination of German and English this will certainly be a unique event. Kobak says the service will be followed by a soup and chili dog supper in the activity center. He also recommends everyone take in the LIVE nativity event at 6pm. It features real people in the manger and a dramatic reading of the birth of Jesus. A traditional hand bell concert will follow. The German service begins at 4pm.

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