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Cape County prepares to review their budget for next year

Dec 19, 2012 -- 1:44pm


The Cape County Auditor’s Office has been busy this fall preparing the budget for 2013. County Commissioners will review the budget for the first time at their meeting tomorrow.  Despite a trend of rising expenditures the county hopes this year they can change that trend by cutting some unnecessary expenses out of the budget.  Some changes have already been made at the administrative level including choosing to self-fund a health insurance plan for their employees.  Auditor Pete Frazier tells KZIM-KSIM they follow some key factors when working on a budget. The meeting will begin at 9:30 and is expected to last most of the day as they go over each line of the budget.  You will be able to weigh in your opinion at the county commission’s chambers in Jackson as well. To view the proposed budget before the hearing you can visit the auditor’s office and request a copy.

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