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How do we talk to our small children about school shootings and other horrific events we can’t shelter them from? We have one expert’s opinion

Dec 27, 2012 -- 5:20pm


After twenty first graders and six faculty members were slaughtered in Sandy Hook Elementary School… many of you with small, school aged children wondered if you should completely block your kids from the event or worried about how to talk to them. Psychiatrist and specialist in Post Traumatic Stress disorder, Dr. Harry Croft tells KZIM KSIM we should be careful about letting kids see the images but we should talk to them in a language they understand. Bearing in mind they do not comprehend things as an adult would…Kids don't have the capacity to understand that what they are seeing is on a loop. They may believe this horrible event is happening over and over again! They will then think it happens all the time and can happen to them! Croft says the best thing you can do is let them ask questions. Try to explain mortality. Reassure them that school attacks are very rare. In reality violent crime in schools has decreased significantly since the early 1990-s.  Let your child know they are safer in school than most everywhere else.


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