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Do you qualify for a special program via the USDA? Find out in this report

Dec 28, 2012 -- 4:36pm


The USDA Rural Development Programs may be able to ease your stress or help you achieve a dream. Public Information Officer for Missouri, Greg Batson says they are taking applications for 6 programs. The 5-0-2 Direct and Guaranteed Single Family housing Grant helps families purchase homes with 100-percent financing depending on your income and where you live. The 5-0-4 Home Repair Loans and Grants assist very low income families in transforming their home into a safer and decent structure. There is a 20-thousand –dollar limit. Batson tells KZIM KSIM the Business and Industry Guaranteed Loans assists in improving the economic climate in cities with populations under 50-thousand…Businesses that want to start up or expand are guaranteed 80-percent up to 5-million -dollars if approved. This is done with a local lender and they will put you in touch with the right people. Batson says the 5-1-5- can assist with rental housing developers in rural areas that financial criteria and they have a program for water and waste water disposal grants for communities with less than 10-thousand residents. There is also help for developing essential community facilities with guaranteed loans. Batson asks that you call the Dexter office for the fourteen counties in SE Missouri. 573-624-5939 extension 4. 

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