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You could have your 2D art on display for thousands to see!

Jan 03, 2013 -- 5:26pm


This is the 18th year that the Arts Council of SE Missouri has put out a call to all “2D” artists in the 175-mile radius to submit their masterpieces! Executive Director Murielle Gaither says the Art for the Health of it exhibit is open to entries of those eighteen and older with works in any medium… water color, acrylic, photography and more. She tells KZIM KSIM the top forty-five entries will be placed on the walls of the surgical wing at SE Missouri Hospital! About 20-thousand people a year - who wouldn't have access to art on a daily basis or can make it to the gallery see the art! It's a great way artists to get massive exposure! Gaither says there are usually about one-hundred-fifty entries. They do not accept anything previously exhibited. Go to cape-arts-dot-org for rules and dimensions. Under the Visual arts tab. Or call Gaither at 334-9233. The deadline for entries is the 16th

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