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Jan 03, 2013 -- 7:21pm


Two suspects in the alleged robbery and assault in the Alliance Bank parking lot Wednesday afternoon have been officially charged by Cape County prosecutors.  Cape Girardeau Police Officer Darin Hickey tells KZIM-KSIM that 18-year-old Shalayla Lowe of Cape Girardeau is charged with a Class A felony, robbery in the 1st degree and armed criminal action; 19-year-old Jessica D. Davis is charged with robbery in the first degree and armed criminal action, both are being held on $100,000 cash only bond.  A third adult female that was arrested for a misdemeanor city warrant, but was not charged in the robbery.  A 16-year-old female in the case was turned over to juvenile authorities.  Police responded Wednesday to a call at 1:20 pm that the victim was approached by a car of people who called out to her, exited the vehicle, allegedly assaulted her, displayed a knife, took money, and drove away.  Officer Hickey says that within minutes a vehicle matching the description was reported at a residence near William and Benton streets, and the four women were taken into custody.  Police are still looking into further arrests in the case.

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