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Many people are finding a helping hand and hope at the AMEN center in Delta!

Jan 04, 2013 -- 5:00pm


For the last 3 weeks as many as sixty-four people have found refuge at the Amen Center in Delta. Founder and Director Shirley Hollowell says this is the first year of operations and they have touched the lives of over 3-hundred people! She tells KZIM KSIM the former school building is a temporary home base for those down on their luck…They receive a warm bed, a hot meal, and are shown the love of the LORD. The Amen Center takes them off the streets, out of the elements, and away from trouble. 38 are there right now! Most find jobs, housing, and get back on their feet! Hollowell says some people are too proud or embarrassed to reach out for help, yet abused women, divorcees, and people who typically would not need help are finding it at the Amen Center. They even had a baby boy born there! There is never a charge for assistance. Sadly not everyone – about 20-percent – are not willing to turn their lives around and move on. At this time Hollowell says they have outgrown the kitchen and are taking donations to update it. If you can help, call Danny at 794-2900.

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