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Women’s basketball leagues are forming in Cape Girardeau

Jan 09, 2013 -- 4:26pm


If you were waiting for the whistle to inbound the ball – the time has come! Recreation Coordinator with Cape Girardeau parks and Rec, Chris Eastridge says women 16 years and older are forming teams of five or more to enter competitive play! He says there is one division with up to ten teams that are guaranteed six games and tournament play. KZIM KSIM asked Eastridge is this is a highly competitive league… He says some are but most are recreational teams or old High School groups who want to get back on the hardwood get in shape and have fun! Eastridge says if they get a large number of teams signed up they can create another division. The deadline is February 1st. The fee is 1-hundred-25-dollars. Games will be at the Osage Center and Shawnee Park Center. Registration forms are also available there, on line and at the Arena Building. 

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