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Some Cape Girardeau Streets are getting a face lift! How do they choose what work gets done?

Jan 09, 2013 -- 4:40pm


William Street in Cape Girardeau is undergoing the arduous process of getting a major facelift. Cape Girardeau City manager Scott Meyer says the one lane option has caused traffic to slow a bit yet the end result is very important to our economy. He tells KZIM KSIM when people ask why William, Broadway, Independence and other main thoroughfares are done more often than a residential location that may need some updates, he explains in this way…It's an investment type thing. People travel these main roads more and use gasoline and patronize businesses. This means they are buying gas which increases the city tax receipts and helps the economy... so they get more attention. When projects use any federal funding they must include updates to make curbs and walkways handicap accessible. The same goes for snow removal. Main usage roadways and emergency routes are always done first so commerce can continue. Meyer says there are also many residential upgrades being done now as well. They are done in a rotation and on the basis of critical need. You can the city offices with inquiries. 

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