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The way leaves are collected in Cape Girardeau has changed and is saving money and time

Jan 11, 2013 -- 5:02pm


The city of Cape Girardeau used to be divided into sections for leaf collection from personal properties. The process changed last year. City Manager Scott Meyer tells KZIM  KSIM they now have one man operating one unit for the entire community BUT he does this all year round… They actually completed the entire collection in the city before Christmas. That was a FIRST! The second route is now starting. Meyer understands that oftentimes your leaves will fall right after they’ve been through your neighborhood but they will complete the cycle and be back around. He reminds you not to push your leaves into the street as they clog sewer drains and can cause flooded roads. Bring them to the curbside. You can follow the progress of the leaf collection unit on the city’s website. 

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