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Former Jackson resident and tax preparer indicted

Jan 10, 2013 -- 3:51pm


A former southeast Missouri tax preparer is facing federal charges for filing nearly 100 returns that under-reported income, and having the refunds placed into her own account.  Federal prosecutors say 41-year-old Cynthia Raymond, formerly of Jackson, Mo., was indicted Wednesday on 10 federal felony counts. She was arrested Thursday at the home where she now lives in Kansas City, Kansas.  Raymond is accused of including false deductions on the returns and providing clients with a different return than what she filed with the Internal Revenue Service. Prosecutors say she directed payment of the false refunds to her own account. Authorities believe Raymond received $103,000 of direct deposits into her account from the false refunds.The indictment charges a separate criminal act in which Raymond allegedly used the name and social security number of a Jackson-area resident to prepare a completely fabricated tax return for 2009 and directed the false refund of 1-thousand-75 dollars into her own account.  If convicted, each of the tax counts carry a maximum penalty of three years in prison and fines up to 100-thousand dollars; identity theft carries a maximum of five years and 250-thousand dollars. 

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