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Jan 18, 2013 -- 1:16pm


Cape Girardeau Police report two incidents Thursday of suspects in custody either trying to escape, or even assaulting a law enforcement officer.  At around 10am Thursday, the jailer on duty at Cape PD was assaulted by a subject that he was returning to a cell.  The subject was non-cooperative, and Officer Darin Hickey reports the subject punched the jailer several times in the face.  The jailer was still able to return the subject to the cell.  Officers in the building responded to the incident, and found the jailer in need of medical attention.  He was transported to a local hospital.  No warrant has been issued yet on the subject who assaulted the jailer.

At approximately 320pm, an officer took a female suspect into custody on an arrest warrant, and upon arrival at the police department, the suspect broke free from the officer, ran across the parking lot, managed to free one hand from the handcuffs and crossed Merriwether street.  At that time, the officer regained control of the suspect and charges are pending for the attempt to escape custody.

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