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How does Missouri rank in dog ownership? How about cats? We have the answers

Jan 21, 2013 -- 5:23pm


The American Veterinary Medical Association or AVMA recently released a study that ranked Missouri as FOURTH in the nation for dog ownership! President Dr. Doug Aspros says 45-point-9-percent of households have a dog in their family! The study is done every five years and has surprisingly not changed much over the last decade. Aspros tells KZIM KSIM many of these canines are “re-homed”…He says a large percentage are rescue dogs that are over a year old. He is a vet in the NE and they get most of their adopted animals from the heartland. Aspros says sadly there is a decline in how often pets a taken to the vet for preventable and treatable disease. He suggests before adopting or buying a dog you evaluate your environment, lifestyle, budget, allergies, and specifics needs of the breed. The lowest dog ownership in the nation is Washington DC at 21-percent, and Vermont is the highest with 70-percent. Missouri ranks right in the 50-percentile for cat ownership. Go to AVMA-dot-org to learn more. 

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