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Take a look back at crime statistics for 2012 with the Sikeston Department of Public Safety

Jan 22, 2013 -- 5:00pm


2012 saw some improvement and a few set-backs pertaining to crime statistics in Sikeston. Department of Public Safety Captain Jim McMillen says there were 7-hundred-69 cases of larceny in 2012 after 6-hundred-nine in 2011. Property crimes also were on the rise with 9-hundred-71 after 8--hundred-four the year prior. However robberies were down to twenty-two from twenty-eight, and forcible rape stayed the same for both years at five. There were eight arson cases in 2011 and six in 2012. Aggravated assaults rose to three-hundred-65 after 2-hundred-31 in 2011. Burglaries were up twenty from 1-hundred-29, motor vehicle thefts were down by five, deaths due to accidents increased by one to a total of three, and murder or criminal homicides stayed the same at two for each year. McMillen tells KZIM KSIM he attributes some of the improvements to better patrolling and having the right people in jail but better reporting is also making a difference in sex crimes arrests…Getting the word out about mandated reporting of sex crimes and child molestations with doctors and teachers has been successful. And society in general is doing a better job. Sikeston DPS relocated to their new building at 2-01 south Kingshighway after 70-years in the prior location. McMillen says it is no frills facility but a major improvement. The DPS employs eighty-three fire and policemen. 

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