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Cape County Commissioners Meeting

Jan 24, 2013 -- 6:11pm

Reserving shelters at Cape County Park for parties, picnics and other events will no longer be free of charge after County commissioners approved a new fee to reserve shelters.  Bryan Sander, the county's park superintendent who oversees the north and south sections of Cape County Park, told commissioners at Thursday’s meeting that the cost to clean up after shelter users is about 17-thousand dollars per year. Without charging a reservation fee there is no way for the county to recoup the cost. Commissioners approved charging 15-dollar per reservation per shelter, which covers use for one day. Reservations will only be taken for the busiest season, March 15 through mid-November. The county will begin taking reservations each year on February 1st.  The county will also begin charging a 20-dollar participation fee to local businesses, groups and individuals to help cover cost of electricity for the annual Christmas display in Cape County Park North, a drive-through tour for the public.  Commissioners also approved the division of their responsibilities, but all commissioners will oversee the circuit court system, sheriff and jail.

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