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Tweens and teens have a very popular event coming up at the Shawnee Park Center

Jan 28, 2013 -- 5:28pm


Last year nearly 2-hundred-fifty 6th to 8th graders attended the Valenteen dance at the Shawnee Park Center. Manager Heather Davis tells KZIM KSIM this is a FUN event and even cooler than a regular school dance for a few major reasons! Teachers will not be there and kids from ALL over the region are there too! Not just Cape Public School kids! There will be parks and Recreation Chaperones and Cape Police on site. The Valenteen dance is this FRIDAY Feb 1st from 6:30pm til 9:30pm with a LIVE DJ and concessions available. Tickets are 5-dollars but there are strict rules applicable. No one is allowed in or out after 7:30pm unless a parent is there to pick them up. And a participation waiver must be signed by a guardian as per the rules and dress code. Call 339-6731 or stop by the Shawnee Park Center, Arena Building, or Osage Center for your waiver form. 

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