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An ozone emissions problem in rural SE Missouri? How can that be? We will tell you

Jan 28, 2013 -- 5:39pm


Members of the Southeast Missouri Regional Planning and Economic Development Commission's Air Quality Committee are reviewing data from the Environmental Protection Agency. Deputy Director, David Grimes says we have two ozone air quality monitors – one in Perry County near Farrar, and another near Bonne Terre. Whether any high readings even originate in our seven counties is debatable yet the results will affect businesses.  If an area is designated a "nonattainment area," or in excess of EPA standards restrictions on emissions at seventy-five parts per billion it would burden local industry and governments, and make economic development more difficult. Grimes tells KZIM KSIM summertime is worst for high readings so there are a few ‘little’ things we can do…the ozone is made on the ground by the stuff that combines in the air on a hot day. Stop fueling when the CLICK says it is full. Don't slowly top of the tank. And don't mow your grass on a very hot day in the heat of the day. Also schools should ask parents to not idle their cars when waiting to pick up children. There will be a campaign to alert the public on days we may get close to high levels. Even if the readings are due to poor air coming to us from larger cities far beyond our boundaries. The next meeting of the Air Quality Committee will be April 26 at the American Legion Hall in Perryville.

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