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A man who lived in the bull’s eye of the conflicts in the Middle East says there could be peace

Jan 30, 2013 -- 5:27pm

Joseph Shulam was born in Bulgaria and lives in Jerusalem, Israel. He doesn’t claim to be a Christian but a Disciple of Jesus. He has been speaking to groups about how to obtain peace in the Middle East for over fifty years. Tonight he is in Cape Girardeau with his message. Via his Netivyah Bible Instruction Ministry Shulam teaches about the Prophets Paul and Jeremiah and the Kingdom of heaven. He tells KZIM KSIM Jews and Arabs CAN fight peace… in GOD…As long as the world leaders remain in denial that this is a religious war and NOT about land there will be unrest. He says if they could get together and read the good book and pray we may actually obtain peace. Shulam will be speaking at the Church of Christ on the corner of West End and Bloomfield tonight at 7 o’clock and tomorrow about the peace process, in Ballroom A in the University Center on campus at SE Missouri State University at 7pm. He will speak again on Saturday and Sunday. Reference cape-church-of-christ-dot-org to see his full schedule.

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