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Swan will serve as House Floor Whip for the 2013 Legislative Session

Jan 31, 2013 -- 5:50pm



Representative Kathryn Swan of Cape Girardeau will play a key role in helping the House Majority Caucus achieve its legislative priorities for the 2013 session. Swan was named this week to serve on the House Majority Whip Team by chairperson Representative Sandy Crawford.  As a new representative, Swan says she is honored to have been asked to serve, and tells KZIM-KSIM that she is learning what the position entails.  She says this position offers an opportunity to represent the interests of the 147th district, and learn the issues faster as she must be familiar with the facts in order to discuss others opinions on them.  Swan added that she spoke with the chair months ago about the position, and is learning a great deal very quickly.

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