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The 2013 Legislative Agenda is announced for the Missouri Americans for Prosperity Group

Feb 01, 2013 -- 5:30pm


What is important to the 51-thousand members of Missouri’s Americans for Prosperity Group? State Director Patrick Werner says they focus on advocacy for economic freedom, broad-based prosperity, limited government, and American pride. He tells KZIM KSIM for 2013 they have chosen topics of importance for the legislative session… Employee protection and right to work without forced agency fees, taxpayer protection, and patient protection. But the top item is thinking that Missouri will soon have a budget surplus and AFP MO wants to cap the budget so we don't have the state going on another spending spree. Werner says AFP-MO will renew these efforts and continue to drive policy debates in all of 2013. To learn more about membership go to m-o-a-f-p-dot-com.

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