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State high court hears Cape case

Feb 01, 2013 -- 4:39pm


The Missouri Supreme Court heard arguments Thursday in a Cape Girardeau County case on a lawsuit filed by a local nurse.  The civil case of Madonna Farrow v. Saint Francis Medical Center and Dr. Cedric C. Strange, was filed after she was fired, claiming it was for speaking out against unwanted sexual advances from a doctor she worked with and a hospital administration that retaliated against her for two years. The hospital claims to have fired Farrow for failing to meet customer service expectations. Farrow lost at the trial courts level and in the Missouri Court of Appeals. The trial court granted summary judgment, a finding that the termination was legal.  Farrow's lawyer argued on Thursday that the courts erred in granting the medical center's summary judgment and that her claims were made properly.  But the lower courts found no genuine issue because Missouri is a no-fault state, meaning that employers can fire workers without cause.  A spokeswoman for the Missouri Supreme Court said there is no timetable for the state to hand down a decision.

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