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Burglary stats are high this year; you can protect your home

Feb 04, 2013 -- 8:00pm



Local crime numbers are higher than last year, protect your home! Cape Girardeau burglary reports have taken a steep jump in 2013 over this time last year, at 51, nearly 40 percent higher.  Many of the recent crimes are downtown areas well populated with personal electronics like smartphones, iPads, Xboxes and TVs.  Over the weekend, there three burglaries reported in one apartment building.  Police say a majority of the reports have come from apartment dwellers that live on North Street, South Ellis Street, North Pacific Street, North Frederick Street and Whitener Street.  Police investigators said the local numbers clearly constitute a burglary spree, in which homes have been hit across many parts of town. The Some tips to keep your home and possessions safe are to use light, time and noise in your favor.  Use exterior lights, motion-sensitive lights, and timers to give the impression someone is home.  Invest in deadbolt locks, double key locks, and additional locks on all windows and patio doors.  And while alarms are one method of protection, consider getting a dog.  Many burglars are scared away by the noise and possibility of a bite.  For more info on protecting your home, go to


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