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Will your gas meter be sending a two way signal on your usage? Ameren MO answers that question today

Feb 06, 2013 -- 5:53pm


There is a LOT of talk about smart meters that can potentially monitor your electricity and gas usage and then send a signal that may interrupt your service if you are consuming unnecessary amounts as per government parameters. Director of Missouri Gas Operations Ameren MO, Mike Holman tells KZIM KSIM they installed new “smart tech” on meters in Missouri in 2000 but these are completely different than those making headlines… These are one way meters that sends information to Ameren for their records. The newest ones that are getting negative press can do all kinds of things from shutting off coffee pots and turning off lights on the electrical side of things. Ameren MO has no plans of installing those right now. Holman says the tech they are using is saving money by allowing digital readings rather than having “meter readers” coming to homes. The positions are being dissolved through attrition and all savings are being passed on to Ameren MO customers. There are currently over 400-million mechanical gas meters installed across the world today with most making the transition to intelligent devices. 

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