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The Illinois State Police District 22 has announced its summary of activity for 2012

Feb 06, 2013 -- 5:08pm


Illinois State Police District 22 Captain Thomas Stehley announced a summary of district activity for 2012.  The area includes Alexander, Hardin, Johnson, Massac, Pope, Pulaski, and Union Counties with its headquarters in Ullin. Stehley says via news release that they work 17,048 incidents including: 1-hundred-fifty-three DUIs and 4-hundred-ninety-two other alcohol violations.  There were 4-hundred-seventy-four criminal arrests, 9-hundred-forty-four restraint violations for seat belts and child seats, with 1-thousand-1-hundred-seven commercial motor vehicles inspected with 2-hundred-ninety-six taken out of service for infractions. After issuing 12-thousand-6-hundred-one written warnings with eighteen-hundred motorist assists.  There were just over 10-thousand citations issued! District 22 troopers handled 482 crashes.  District wide, there were 13 fatal crashes that killed 14 people - three less than 2011.  

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