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Are you ready if a disaster strikes? Man made or natural your reaction may cost lives

Feb 07, 2013 -- 5:41am


If you do not know what to do in the event of a natural or manmade disaster you will either be casualty or part of the problem. Training Coordinator for the Community Emergency Response Team, Jim Watkins says the new sessions will be held for five Wednesdays at the Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center, beginning on the 27th. He tells KZIM KSIM the first class gets your survival kit ready and then you learn what to do in the event of a disaster of every kind. And in most cases the same protocol will apply…First take inventory of yourself. Are you okay? Are people around you ok? Then go into triage mode... Who needs help first and who can wait? It may be part of first aid but it's also a lot of common sense. Since “common sense” is usually out the door when people go into shock or are terrified, a calm head will save lives. The classes are free, call to register at 986-6879. Watkins conducts CERT training in sixteen counties. Be CERTain you are prepared. You must be 18 to attend.



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