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Scott County cracking down on court attire

Feb 07, 2013 -- 6:52pm


Appropriate dress will soon be a requirement for court appearances in Benton, and for Scott County circuit court clerk Christy Hency, it can’t come soon enough.  All three judges agree with a plan to have bailiffs enforce a dress code for court appearances.  Hency tells KZIM-KSIM that she can’t take all the credit for the policy, as a staff member had a copy of the Jackson County dress code, and they modified it  to suit their needs.  The clerk attended a national conference, and began discussing the policy with the judges and staff about a year ago.  The courtroom remodel in the judicial building is now complete, and Hency felt this was a great time to begin enforcing the dress code.  Some apparel they will send people out of court for wearing will be shorts, flip flops, pajamas, tube tops, and t-shirts with inappropriate language or advertising.  There will be a grace period where citizens are informed of the new requirement, and attorneys will be responsible for client’s and witness’s attire.  Food, drink, gum and cell phones will also be banned.

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