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Save your trees from the salt damage that road brine can cause

Feb 12, 2013 -- 5:56am


Each winter, millions of tons of de-icing salt are applied to state and municipal roads to keep them safe for vehicles to travel. And while necessary for safety, excessive salt can cause widespread damage to trees, possibly leading to permanent decline and even death.  Sunny Hill Gardens and Florist owner Dr. Paul Schnare tells KZIM-KSIM you can act now if you have trees near roads or sidewalks.  Watering deeply the roots and lawn are one way to save trees, and he says your other option is completely replacing the soil.  Even severe salt damage might not be visible on a tree until the end of summer. Cape Public Works Transportation Manager Robert Kutak confirms that their pre-wetting salt-brine is simple rock salt diluted with water to create a 23-percent salt solution.  For more info on tree care, visit


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