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Board of aldermen impeach Marble Hill mayor

Feb 13, 2013 -- 12:30pm

Michael Sowers presided over his final board of aldermen meeting as Marble Hill mayor Monday night, when the board unanimously voted him out of office.  He and board members clashed over lack of preparation for meetings and routine purchases while avoiding the city's continuing sewer problems and a bond issue that was passed to bring the sewer up to state standards.  Alderwoman Deborah Acup brought up a personal encounter he had with aldermen by Bill Teeters, which Sowers disputed was relevant.  Sowers then to challenged the board to impeach him.  After a motion to impeach, the aldermen voted to name Alderman James Sear mayor pro tem.  In a statement provided after the meeting, Sowers thanked Marble Hill voters for electing him, and said his goal was to address issues with the Department of Natural Resources and allotment of the $1.7 million bond issue indebtedness.  Sowers said he would not fight his removal.  Former Alderman Clint Lacy tells KZIM-KSIM that he does not like the direction the community has taken since the election of Mayor Sowers and has filed to run as an alderman again.

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