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Local physician indicted on federal fraud charges

Feb 14, 2013 -- 5:10pm


A Cape Girardeau physician indicted last week on fraud charges has pleaded not guilty in federal court.  57-year-old Byron Cornelius Glenn told a magistrate judge he was not guilty of felony charges of mail fraud and passing fake money orders and checks between July and December.  Judge Lewis Blanton set a hearing for March 6 to hear pretrial motions.  Glenn was remanded to custody of the federal marshals, as Assistant Federal Prosecutor Morley Swingle considers him a flight risk and threat to the community.  Glenn is accused of using three money orders on an account using a U.S. Treasury routing number to pay off mortgages, writing a check using a routing number from a U.S. Federal Reserve Bank in Cleveland for $250,000 to pay to Cape Urgent Care, and a check for $171,000 from an account that didn't have sufficient funds. Federal prosecutors say Glenn knew the account was closed and didn't have the money in it to cover the check.

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