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Local Guardsman champion in state tournament

Feb 15, 2013 -- 6:30pm


Combatives is the Army’s name for hand-to-hand combat which incorporates fighting techniques from conventional martial arts and combat sports the Army Soldiers are trained in during basic training.  Specialist Dalton Toombs of Marble Hill took first place for the third time in the Welterweight Class of the 2013 Missouri National Guard Combatives Tournament at Lincoln University.  Toombs tells KZIM-KSIM he has been competing in the sport for a long time.  Toombs says this year’s competitors were tougher and stronger, but he liked the challenge. He credits the sport for his sense of responsibility and humility.  His experience and dependability has led him to help a friend open Cape BJ&J gym in Cape Girardeau where he gives lessons.  Toombs interest in martial arts began when he was young and would watch wrestling with his dad; his next tournament will be the Missouri State Jiu Jitsu Championships in St Charles March 3rd

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