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An area photojournalist class earns a national accolade for their work on a “tornado” book about Harrisburg!

Feb 18, 2013 -- 4:09pm


A book by Southern Illinois University photojournalism and journalism students, chronicling the aftermath of the Harrisburg tornado, has earned national recognition! Professor Mark Dolan says the National Press Photographers Association rewarded the chapter with its Outstanding NPPA Student Chapter Award for “4:56am The Story of the Feb. 29, 2012 Tornado”. The 80-page book contained 67 full-color pictures shot by student photojournalists. It illustrates how students went into communities to get the stories of survival, hope, and rebuilding. Dolan tells KZIM KSIM the students really CONNECTED with the victims on a human level to tell what really happened… not just be voyeurs…The stories related by the students about the people who had lost everything and they still wanted to share suuplies and care for the students! They offered food, water, whatever they were in need of. The interaction between them was quite beautiful. Dolan says the book has become a collector’s items as they did not print mass quantities and very few are available today! The proceeds garnered 15-thousand-dollars for relief efforts in the communities around Harrisburg. The storm killed eight people and injured more than 1-hundred. 

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