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Cape County felonies drop for fifth year

Feb 18, 2013 -- 4:35pm


While the state of Missouri is seeing serious crime on the rise, felony filings in Cape Girardeau county were down for fiscal 2012.  County prosecutors filed 559 felony cases from June 2011 to May 2012 that ranged from top-tier crimes such as rape and murder to lower-level charges such as passing bad checks and property damage. The State Courts Administrator says that total represents a 6.7 percent decrease from the previous year and continued a five-year county trend.
The county's felony count contributed to the totals of the 32nd Judicial Circuit, which includes Bollinger and Perry counties. Overall, the circuit -- with an estimated population of 108,029 -- had a combined 863 felonies filed last year.  Bollinger County saw a decrease, almost 11 percent less than the year before. Only Perry County had more felonies last year, with a nearly 17-percent increase in cases. The circuit as a whole had a decrease of 2 percent.

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