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The annual heart to heart luncheon is bringing back a high energy keynote speaker!

Feb 20, 2013 -- 4:45pm


Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States causing one in three deaths every year! St. Francis Medical Center is hosting its 6th annual Heart to Heart luncheon to focus on the unique risk factors for women. Registered Dietician, author, and TV Host Zonya Foco is returning as the keynote speaker. She is high energy and a leader in the fight against obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease through smart nutrition and fitness. Foco tells KZIM KSIM if you just harness the power of ONE GOOD HABIT – you could change your life…If we tackle that sweet tea or soda and start the day with a big helping of pure water we will help control our weight and cholestral. And pretty much everything else! Such a simple habit! Tickets to the Heart to heart Luncheon are 25$ in advance and 30 at the door. It will be held at the Drury Lodge this Friday at 10-30am. Go to s-f-m-c-dot-net and the heart to heart link for more information. 

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